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The Death of Social Media ROI

It’s no secret that social media ROI has declined tremendously over the last few years, going from 16% on returns to 2% on returns. This is very disheartening, especially if you’re spending the majority of your marketing dollars on social campaigns.

The good news – a little re-evaluation and some minor adjustments can save your investment and possibly leverage some services too. Organizations are moving away from measuring ROI as a transactional engine or sales machine, when it comes to social media. The new strategies are focused on audience building, brand awareness and customer relations

Let’s take for example Facebook Insights, the built in analytics dashboard for Facebook (FB) pages, which offers great basic data for reach and engagement. Some of those key FB features to monitor are: Facebook shares (probably the most important), because the shared posts are seen in a relatively high percentage of friends’ news feeds. . The all-important FB ‘like-my-page’ is the key to improving such metrics for your business/product/mission _AND_ why it is crucial an individual takes the time to generate 1-like-at-time. Real likes from Real people.

Have you ever been tempted to purchase 1,000’s of FB likes for a few bucks, or, actually gone ahead and done it? Lets give this some careful consideration, because buying 20K likes does not help to build a valuable audience. It is more of a detriment to your business/project/mission than anything else. Not to mention NONE of those fake likes actively engage the content on your page, once they’ve liked it. So hmm … weigh it out … ‘vanity metrics = more FB likes’ or ‘legitimate FB fans = audience building/brand awareness/customer relations’. I’d say it’s definitely the latter.

The truth is, Twitter and FB are no longer the exclusive domains of digital gurus; these tools have become everyone’s responsibility. “We are seeing an increased demand for social savvy candidates across the business – from human resources to product to customer service,” Amy Crow, Indeed’s communication director.

Buzzfeed’s contributing editor concurs with: “In speaking with higher-ups with outlets old and new, I heard from all of them that social was no longer peripheral, but core to their strategy. Concentrating authority to a single personage no longer made sense.”

Social Media Campaigning is more necessary than ever, showing strengths in many areas of a core business model, not just marketing. Yep take some ‘time-out’, re-evaluate, get creative and put your best post forward. Good luck!

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