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Satya Media Group releases MySecureMeeting™

Satya Media Group (SMG) Releases MySecureMeeting™

Computer-based video calls are growing in number every day, and it doesn’t matter whether it’s for business or personal use. The reality is that it’s used for both.

My team and I wanted to make it easier and we’ve achieved just that - One click away, secure video conferencing. No installation, no configuration, meet 1-to-1 or meet 1-to-20, right inside your own website. We embed the app, maintain it technically, and support you and your guests all along the way. All you have to do is:

  1. Create a Video Session
  2. Email the Link
  3. Meet Face-to-Face

But the question is, does video communication really matter?
More than we may realize!
Everybody has had to cope with the unending chain of email messages that never quite seem to answer a question or reach a point. Email threads take on a life of their own and can last for months. Many times direct human contact is a more efficient method of communicating and a phone call does not provide the subtle nuance of eye contact or body language. So it is simple. Video really does make conducting business more human. People want to talk to other people. When we’re trying to close a deal or reach an agreement on some important issue, eye contact is a vital human element that we can only maintain through either meeting face-to-face or with a video call.

Video communication has made tremendous strides over the years. In business, not so long ago a videoconference required an expensive, high-end solution. Yes, there will always be a place in big business for CISCO or WEBEX, but small businesses, non-profits, SOHO businesses cannot support the expense of those tools any more than a consumer can. Not to mention, video communication is a great way to eliminate travel expenses for meetings, especially in these tough economic times.

So, where’s the rub?
Facility of use is key!
If personal video is so popular and easy, why isn’t everyone doing it all of the time? There are many powerful video solutions out there that are all computer-based and relatively simple to set up. However the truth is, as easy as these tools are to install, the act of installation presents a barrier to many.

The common thought among users could be summed up as, “until video requires zero technical knowledge from basic users – no decision, setup, configuration - video services will continue to struggle with market penetration.” ~ Ken Camp

Of course I always sign off with a little techie wisdom and so here it is: first it was the pager, then it was the cell phone, now it’s going to be the link you send in a message to someone’s device. Be in the game, not watching it from the side.

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