Mary Lee Weir Chief Executive Officer of
RealComm Global

Mary Lee is a serial entrepreneur whose vision gave birth to RealComm Global by identifying the need for a more seamless way to combine all aspects of verbal communication to speech interpretation of voice, video and text messaging. RealComm Global is her third company, where she applies her 17-plus years of experience in software development and technology, most recently in real-time communications.

Mary Lee having globe-trotted for almost a decade, returned to the United States in 2012 to form her web and software development company Satya Media Group. As Chief Exectuive Officer of Satya Media Group, Mary Lee was able to gain extensive skills in organizational management, problem solving, product development, and leadership. She passionately dove into her love for technology and invention, leading and inspiring her international team of developers and media experts to help her create her first software application - MySecureMeeting. To her team Mary Lee was known as a very creative team leader working quickly and efficiently. Her overwhelming encouragement brought out the best in both customer and team, and her vision garnered loyalty, support and positive behavior.

As an artist and creator Mary Lee has been known to sketch, paint, and publish short films. Passionate about film and photography, Mary Lee has decades of material collected and distributed across various social media channels.
She ties her nature for networking with art and uses those outlets to support humanitarian projects, having spent nine years in Europe, India and South America as a volunteer and freelance technologist, providing web and media services to members of Fivefold Path Mission.

Though Mary Lee is focused on building RealComm Global into an international enterprise, her success is not without continued dedication to both, deepening her spiritual practice and serving humanity. A small part of her efforts is to continue aiding where she can, when she can. This can be seen through SevaVision Inc - giving back through film. Sevavision is a Florida-based non-profit organization dedicated to providing expertise in social networking, web development, and project management, in specific areas of film, photography and online presence for other non-profit organizations. Sevavision limits its support to organizations that support humanity with aid toward sourcing good quality food, water and shelter, spiritual nourishment, and skills to improve basic living.

A few of her films can be viewed on her youtube channel.



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Mary Lee's column "Technically Speaking" was featured in the monthly publication Vero's Voice Magazine, from January 2013-December 2013.

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