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Freelance Web Developer

I am an entrepreneur with 20 plus years in web and software development. My passion lies primarily in working with small-to-medium businesses to identify road blocks for a seamless online experience. Some examples of this include:

  • the proper integration and management of social media channels to garner testimonials and further social sharing to gain new customers and build a solid network, organically
  • to upgrade out-dated platforms to better take advantage of new web tools
  • to redesign for a modern look and feel
  • to launch a new idea or business but not sure where to start because its overwhelming!

CEO, RealComm Global

In 2016 I launched RealComm Global, an advanced communication platform focusing on future aspects of verbal communication using speech interpretation of voice and emotions.


  • Recognized expert

    Certified in Web languages. Published expert.

    Certified in Adobe Suite.

  • Multi-faceted

    Bridging data analytics with web development to provide organizations instant access to much needed business intelligence.

  • Creative

    World Traveler, Humanitarian, Documentary Filmmaker and Nature Enthusiast.

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I passionately dove into web-based technologies in the late 1990's, working overnight tech support for a company called Digital Courier Technologies Inc. Since those first days dabbling with homesuite and cold fusion I have had a love of web languages. Web development provided me with the flexibility to work and travel, for which I took full advantage. In 2013 after almost a decade of living outside of the United States, I returned home to form my first web development firm, Satya Media Group (SMG). As CEO of SMG, I gained experience in organizational management, problem solving, product development, and leadership. SMG then spawned RealComm Global (RCG), a multi-layer communication platform, based on various web technolgies. At the core of RealComm Global's communication platform is target specific data mining. The exposure to mining data for RCG inspired my enrollment in Data Science - a natural progression for both application development and client-based consulting.

Data Analysis

Clients are increasingly seeking access to data in order to make informed decisions around customers and products.

Sirvart Arevik
Web Design

Clean, custom, responsive web design with social media integration for easy 1-stop management. I provide training so you can manage your online business.

Sirvart Arevik

Have a business and want to get online, and don't know where to start? Have a website but need assistance in taking it to the next level?

Sirvart Arevik

Skills And Experience

Certified in web languages, enrolled in data science.

HTML, Wordpress, Drupal, E-Commerce with Social Media Shop Integration, Responsive Design, Portfolio, Blog and more ...

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Approximately 12 years ago my husband and I decided it would be a good idea to have a website showcasing our tropical plant nursery, Pura Vida Tropicals. We had plenty of pretty pictures and lots to say about the plants, but no clue where to begin to put them together into a website that made sense.
A serendipitous occasion brought Mary Lee into our lives. We were so impressed by her knowledge and enthusiasm and, most important, assurance that the website development process would be smooth and “pain free”, that we took the plunge into the web.
Mary Lee built the website, working closely with us, showing great patience in all the tweaks and changes that we inflicted on her. Her creativity and sense of design were what made the website sing. She then took the role of website maintenance and for the last 12 years has kept the site up and running.
She delivered on all her promises, and then some. She is a pleasure to work with. The result has been a reliable website that we don’t have to worry about – one that we’re proud to share with the public.